@Prometheus said in costomization for the different demon races: @Vanirr said in costomization for the different demon races: will there be the options to play as both male and female variants of all the demon races? and have there been any thoughts as to the color variations? We'll try to implement male/female options wherever it makes sense for both Beastmen and Demons, such as the Blood Demon (Vampire) or the Erwydra (Hart-Kin). For other sub-races however, such as the Hellfire Demon (Infernal) or the Nheedra (Bear-Kin), it wouldn't really make sense, so their gender will be undefined if there's clothing for the breast then it's female. if there's no clothing there then it's male. I doubt you can really do a genderless version without it looking like one or the other. for the Hellfire Demon you can do a model that looks like a female bodybuilder. I'll give you the point that most of the fury's you can't tell the difference by visuals. You could do a physical size difference as most mammal males are larger than their female counterpart.