Website ui improvments(1?)

  • TF#5 - LEGATE

    Well I think there are 2 things that needed to be added to unconfirmed acount.

    1. change emeil option.- If somone misstype their emeil they left with an option only to create a new acount making their first usename choise unvilabal to them.
    2. Delit acount - Incase you forgot the password for an unconfirmed acount, you will be abel to delit it and them reuse the username for a real acount.

    One thing that should be added to formes
    Text baced serch. Even if full text serch will be hard to make, making one for titels shoud be easyer and helpfull at the same time.


    Could also add 2FA because of the Kickstarter pledges.

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