[A.2.1.1c] 35 Skills Feedback

  • Hi there!

    At this moment I finished with "book of knowledge" (23 different foes) but...only 35 abilities. Is rabbit a foe? Maybe i don't know something? Anyway here is a short feedback of the acquired abilities

    • 14 skills for mages only
    • 4 skills is for handsome and charismatic characters
    • 2 skills is for all, but with 45 CD
    • 4 skills is broken
    • 11 skills is for warriors for all different type of weapons what we have


    DoTs each separately, because deservedly:
    Using them all the time, most userfull skills in game due that the half of all monsters have hight Evasion rating and other half have tough armor/resists.

    • e9634332-a569-48f1-a215-da5b5259bce1-image.png "Bleeding strike"
      Very useful against heavy targets like golems/wargs , due the poison immunity of last ones. Pure damage wich scale with target's endurance.

    • a464bc1f-5f6a-4949-86aa-a0de52ca36de-image.png "Poisoning Strike"
      Tons of DMG wich scale with target's endurance, the bane of Goblins. I spent several hours, but made a large reserves of strong poison.

    • c13ea0cf-205d-45d6-87b7-62894167fec4-image.png "Concussive Strike"
      Description say that it use 100 mana for once, but... IT IS NOT! Most powerful DoT in game with pure damage. When i get it i stopped to care about my accuracy. Anyway you shall fix the description something can't be read.

    Summoning skill:

    • 30b3f72b-603f-438d-87d1-7fae80ad7fe0-image.png "Totem of Wildfire"
      Well, its the best skill in whole game, 33-34 shots for 40 sec, 3000 of fire damage and just for 500 mana! Necros and Treants have a weakness to fire, so +30% more!:) The output damage does not depend on the level of INT of character and this is wonderful!

    Movement skills:

    • 1c467d16-9e96-4999-8ca3-6dbfa0a4505b-image.png "Enrage" and "Relocate"
      But why only two? You make such a big world like "Myr" and give US only 2 movement skills?! The saddest part that "Relocate" can be used only in light armor. If u make it special for mages, so what about warriors? Where is our "leap slam"? It is not very fun to go around hill for half an hour, and....i suggest to think about more ramps.

    Finishing skills

    • 43fd7d37-0f81-4d68-a9c6-6c89f7142364-image.png "Assassination" and "WordOfPower:Kill"
      I admit that both skill is very userfull, i was using Aassasination from the start of my game and change this skill only when i found "WordOfPower: Kill". A 30% of Endurance Of any mob, 3800 - the hightest damage i was make with it to Treant. Also its the best skill for hunting on dears, stug and wolfs (they have 1500 or less Endurance), so its oneshot.
      PS: CD for "WordOfPower: Kill" is 30 sec, not 45 sec as in description.

    A bunch of magic missiles

    • e9786a67-393e-45d7-84d4-70a8182e5cd4-image.png "Magic Missiles"
      Fancy, but useless in real fight without mana pots. The conversion of mana to DMG is too low.

    Self Buffs:

    • 3c46ef76-ac5c-498b-a1de-2048467d50eb-image.png "Strike Wounds", "Inspire", "Mage Shield", "Fire Shield"
      The "Strike Wounds" is good addition to "Bleeding strike", sad that we can't use spear with it. The "inspire" require high Charisma to work well, but i use it with my 6 CHA because there are no other options:(
      The last 2 buffs is broken, i already reported about this bugs. (and again, this buff it only for mages -_-)


    • c7a0882e-9147-4604-bfcc-4f842c7a1f30-image.png "The Second Wind", "WordOfPower: Heal"
      "The Second Wind" is for stronk characters, i also used it in my build to kill Greater Earth Elementals because bandages and Herbal Remedy was on CD
      "Word Power: Heal" only for healing others once per 45 sec, sad.


    • 1d6e4ba2-a8e1-4bf1-b707-abf00b507b37-image.png "Warcry", "Blight", "Death Mark"
      "Warcry" one of 4 skills in game which use CHA in formula, not worth it if you not a handsome Commander~
      "Blight", The ability to change a life regeneration of target from positive to negative, which absolutely does not harm the monsters. But a player with low stamina can be teleported to home. Bewaaare the Lich Spiders! (skill is broken or its only for monsters?)
      "Death mark" is broken and reducing your damage by half, lol.

    Control skills:

    • c4100587-d57e-4567-b37e-b8fac99905f4-image.png
    • Bunch of it
      "The Bash" and "Heavy blow" is one of few skills wich add a minor boost damage to blunt weapons , the moderate stun can also reduce incoming damage from mobs, so it can be userfull.
      "Crippling Strike" is not very useful due that we moving faster than any mob.
      "Blinding Strike" is broken
      "Words Of Power: Silience" and "Words Of Power:Stun" have a big CD timers and useless for PvE.
      "Net Trap" and "Spider's Web" is helpfull when you need need to catch deer or stug (For Mages)
      "The Chilling and Paralazing Touches" can be use ONLY with unarmed hands(description is lie to us) (For Mages)
      "The tectonic Outburst" and "The EarthQuake" is pretty userfull to play in team, but you shoud kill 20 Greater Earth Elementals like a warrior before using of thit magic skills ^^ , also 300 and 500 mana for usage. (For Mages)

    PS:I noticed that i have only 6 active slots(2 reserved for healing supplies) and i can't change build from PvE to PvP when i need. Output: most of this skills is a waste of memory, especially "Slow", it costs 8 points! And again its only For Mages.


    Wow! What a nice report.
    You are great ❤

    But as for Mages... we have several other problems.
    Mana makes us regulary waiting.
    I don't have a problem with restrictions for skills. The system is based on the idea, that you have to chose wisely while resting, which skillset you want to use. All things you will face till the next resting is depending on your decision.
    With the presets you can build yourself a PVP, PVE, Mining, Gathering, whatever Set. You just need to rest to change it, a simple campfire will do it.
    Yes, you can not change if you accidential hit on PVP... buuut, depending on the area you will live in and you want to discover, you chose your set.
    If you have a friendly Gatherer Skill on Tartaros you can get nice stuff, but you live with the risk, someone could come across... or you chose to find harder the stuff you need, but you are able to survive, if there are bad boys behind the next tree.
    I like that kind of system.
    That makes the gaming experience way more interesting, because it counts, what you chose and you have to live with the consequences of your decisions.
    Or more clear said, if you wanna have a slow skill, take a Mage with you 😉


    Excellent report!

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