[Alpha2-1] Day 2 Bug Report

  • TF#5 - LEGATE

    Graphic Bug
    Sometimes the walking animation dosen't work and character happen to slip on the terrain instead of running. It use to occurr when you try to move shortly after completing another action.

    You can actually clone Logs and Bricks if you pick them from the cart and put them back clicking multiple times on the cart. You can manage to full the cart with just one of them.

    Monster Mov.Speed
    I got slowed by a Direwolf but as he tried to approach me while i'was walking away he couldn't manage to hit me as he keep slipping on the ground at my same speed once he gets close.

    Awaken Rabbit
    I've killed a rabbit but i didn't loot it. After a while he litterally comes back to life and slips fastly to his "new spawn" location.

  • DymStudios - CEO

    All bugs fixed or duplicate

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