Two Small Character Breaking Bugs

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    1. Unable to drag skills from the skills and abilities window
      As it sounds. I wasn't able to use the poison blade skill since I couldn't place it on my hotbar. I learned the skill from the spiderling, unlocked it with KP, and added it to my preset at the campfire.

    2. Accidentally equipped my poison to my ammo slot on my character window
      Not only did this make me unable to equip arrows, it made my character model on the character window show as a default male with no equipment. This escalated the next time I logged in.

    no character, blank minimap, glitched character bars
    It wasn't possible to open windows in addition to the obvious issues in the image above, I couldn't open windows with key shortcuts including esc.

    relog had the character reappear, but with numerous graphical issues
    The second attempt to play the Tilde character had the world load correctly, but had numerous graphical issues as seen above.

    Fighting an animal caused the character window to look normal, except for the male character model. The endurance/health/mana bars started refilling from zero until they reached a reasonable level. The energy and food bars remained abnormally full, and most crafting stopped just before completion. Other characters seemed to work as normal

    Character corrupted in both instances
    Name: Tilde
    Race: Human
    ID: 333
    Note: I removed all of her items, they show correctly on the login screen when they are worn.


  • DymStudios - CEO

    Fixed in version a212

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