Loading stuck on "Setting up Character"


    Actually, i've eventually found a way to play, and that is by playing a female character.

    During the process i noticed some points :

    • Create a new character (both sex) allow a loading without issues for any character

    • No problem for the first load of male character, but after that it always stop on "Setting up character"

    Hopefully it may help people with the same issue or to resolve the it.

    Apologies for my english.

  • wow it worked


    The issue came back ...


    Well the i've successfully loaded my character but now i got 0 endurances, health and mana, i walk quicker with heavy materials and can't see others nickname


    After getting asskicked by a bunch of wolfs it seems to work out well again


    I'm also having this issue, but this fix didn't seem to work for me - can you confirm I'm doing it right?

    • I'm trying to play a female character.
    • Once I managed to get logged in at a time when the server wasn't full, I got this issue.
    • I searched to see if anyone else had this issue and found this thread.
    • I then created a male character so I'd have one of each gender, as you suggested.
    • I'm still getting stuck at "setting up character" on the loading screen (looks about 90% loaded).

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    I found that when I close every thing else, and open only the game it work.


    No such luck for me; however checking my task manager it seems that "UnityCrashHandler64.exe" is running (along with the client itself for the game) - not sure if this means the loading has stopped due to it crashing and not quite realising, or if that just runs in case the game crashes. Thanks for the suggestion tho 🙂


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