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    This will seem extremely negative, but just know that I really like the Alpha so far.

    • Raycasting: This has been by far the biggest annoyance for me. It needs a ton of work. Your own character should not block raycast. That's the first thing that should be fixed. It makes it very difficult to interact with the world because you consistently need to move out of your own way.

    • Movement and action should not be bound to the same mouse click. It would fix a few world interaction issues. When I'm running away from wolves, I should not stop to chop wood. The right click is not really used. I understand that controls will eventually be customizable, but in the meantime right click should move, left click should interact.

    • Dropping resources onto a blueprint is sometimes replaced with movement. Then your character blocks the raycast. So you need to move out, and drop again. So annoying.

    • Sometimes, dropping resources on a blueprint will double the drop. For instance, I can drop 1 log onto a wall and 2 logs are placed down. I expect it might have something to do with the bug above.

    • On the subject of duplicating items, you can easily duplicate any item: 1. Open inventory and a storage chest. 2. Place any object in the chest. 3. Take the object you want to duplicate, and drop onto the object in the chest. The result should be swapping the two items, but instead the chest item is destroyed and replaced by the inventory item, and the inventory item is replaced by itself, effectively duplicating it.

    • Object placement on your land plot is all over the place. Sometimes it's red for no reason. Sometimes you move it around a bit and the same placement becomes blue. Sometimes blue placements can't be placed down.

    • Cart is misplaced pretty much every new login.

    • Please add a small crafting queue or crafting stacks. It could be an upcoming feature, or maybe it's as intended. But please consider that clicking mindlessly on your mouse to create quickly crafted items is not fun for ANYONE.

    • Often, choosing an action through the small menu UI will simply close the ui window and do nothing. Might have to do with the raycasting issues.

    • Transferring items is a pain in the ass. Right click on chest items should drop it in your inventory. There should be a Drop All into chest option.

    • Herbal Remedies is not curing spider poison.

    • AI traps are extremely buggy. When the trap is over, movement sometimes work, sometimes doesn't. Animations are wrong. Casting spells often doesn't work. Everytime I see a trap above my head I go: "Ahhh, here we go... let's see if I can survive this by sheer luck." I'm often killed by melee creatures killing me from almost a full screen away.

    • Wolf heads drop on Giant Spiders.

    • Treant knowledge completed without ever seeing a single one.


    @kehmesis said in Feedback, QOL, bugs:

    This will seem extremely negative,

    It wasn't that negative, you descibe very objective the bugs you explored and the bad handling of some things. 🙂

    Some of the things you describe i was experiencing too.
    Placement still feels a bit clunky and the animations don't act in a way we want to have in an action game. But i guess exactly for such things an Alpha is made, to get the feedback about the core handling of the game.
    So you did fine.

    I would be interested in a bit about your experience beside the obvisiously annoyances.

    And maybe some of the points you have on your list, you should write as a single Bug Report.
    Especially things like the duplication and misplacements.

  • Community Manager

    @kehmesis All feedback is helpful as long as it stays constructive. There's nothing wrong with your post. 🙂 Thanks for the feedback.

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