[Bug] Item dupe.

  • I've discovered if you have a large chest with items inside and place items ontop of another you'll replace the stack inside with the item you dropped on, but the original item youre placing returns to your inventory. Factors i believe are at play here.

    I placed the large chest with id:46 character. Im now playing on Id: 289. I still have access to my house and chests (i assume account bound) I've included a short video demonstrating what I mean.

    This appears to only work with different item types. If you stack say 100 bandages onto a stack of 60 you'll just reverse positions.

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    @Schteve It works with any chest - one of the first things I tested as it's been a bug since chests were introduced. Does make testing a lot easier though.

  • Hi,
    Found this interesting Dupe bug. I crafted a LARGE chest. Opened the chest, and character bag inventory, to put items in. In the chest I had a stack of 3 linen thread but accidentaly dragged 10 hide on top of the linen stack from my character bag. The stack of linen thread was destroyed, in the chest, and replaced with the 10 hide BUT ALSO the 10 hide re-appeared in my character bag. Now I had 10 hide in my chest AND in my character bag - weird dupe bug.

    I tested this with other items and it repeated same result.

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    Fixed in version Fixed in version a.2.1.0d.

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