[UK/US/ENG] The Horde of Tartaros


    "The Demons of Tartaros can never be tamed, like the Beastmen of Arboreus or pacified like the Humans of Syndesia... We are vicious, and cruel... by nature of course!"

    Greetings savages and ravagers of Tartaros, we are the Horde. We invite you to feast with us, become a part of us and help us build something great so that even Babilis looks upon us with envy as we perform her bidding. We pride ourselves on many things:

    āž­ šŸ¤ A friendly community, ready to help you in whatever way we can.
    āž­ šŸ‘„ A professional, talented, democratically elected leadership ready to help you in your journey.
    āž­ šŸ“œ We take this seriously and we intend to be a force to be reckoned with, and give memorable encounters.
    āž­ šŸ’€ Active research in metas, strategies, marketplace understandings and trends.
    āž­ šŸŽ Guild rewards in the future for those that dress to impress and act as a shining example for their guild.
    āž­ šŸ’Ŗ Professional Integrity, we value everybody equally and do not judge a book by their cover.
    āž­ šŸ“Š There to help you get that knowledge to where you need it.
    āž­ āš” Always there to help you, even if it costs us something to get there. We never leave a man behind when we fight for our guild.
    āž­ šŸ’Ÿ Our passion for our guild and urge to help players that are both new and old drive our convictions.

    Our Hierarchy:

    The Demons of Tartaros may be ruthless and aggressive by nature but that is no reason for lack of cooperation to fulfil our common goals. Consider the Horde to be your brothers and sisters, and with it, victory.

    "The Chosen of Babilis" - The leadership of the Horde consists of a number of "Chosen" individuals that create, manage and constantly strive to improve the Horde. As leadership it is their responsibility to handle diplomacy between guilds, exact punishments against members that break their rules or laws and construct the framework for a fully functioning democratic Horde, subject to their demonic peers that pledge themselves to the Horde.

    Patriarch of the Horde - The elected leader of the Horde, and the leader of the Chosen. All Demonlords, Underlords and Avatars will have the right to vote for the Patriarch, of whom will fulfil their duty as the head of the Chosen.

    Demonlord - An elected leader of the Horde, all members above Lesser Demon will have the option to vote for each Demonlord, only Underlords may have the right of becoming a full Demon Lord.

    "The Inner Circle" - The chosen officers of the guild under the Chosen. These officials are responsible for the operational working and focus of the guild, fulfilling the requirements of the horde in an official capacity.

    Underlord - A selected officer, promoted by either the Patriarch or a Demonlord. Each Underlord carries the responsibility of helping to manage the main body of the Horde to ensure that all rules are followed, Demons follow orders, and the enemies of the Horde crushed.

    Avatar of Babilus - A trusted emissary of the guild, noted for their excellence and contributions to the Horde. They are the first rank of officership and are delegated tasks by Underlords and the Chosen.

    "The Horde" - The members of the horde, both new and old that fight for the Horde and prove themselves through

    Greater Demon - Full members of the guild, those that have earned enough trust to be considered full members.

    Lesser Demon - Initiates to the guild, newcomers that have yet to prove themselves to the horde. Be determined, be bloody and above all be resolute.

    Our Current Ruling Council:

    Patriarch: TBD

    Demonlord 1#: TBD
    Demonlord 2#: TBD
    Demonlord 3#: TBD
    Demonlord 4#: TBD
    Demonlord 5#: TBD
    Demonlord 6#: TBD

    Appointed Officers:

    Underlord 1#: TBD
    Underlord 2#: TBD
    Underlord 3#: TBD
    Underlord 4#: TBD
    Underlord 5#: TBD

    Avatar of Babilus 1: TBD
    Avatar of Babilus 2: TBD
    Avatar of Babilus 3: TBD
    Avatar of Babilus 4: TBD
    Avatar of Babilus 5: TBD
    Avatar of Babilus 6: TBD
    Avatar of Babilus 7: TBD
    Avatar of Babilus 8: TBD
    Avatar of Babilus 9: TBD
    Avatar of Babilus 10: TBD

    So Why Join Us?

    Like many great powers there have always been a diverse group of leaders, democratically elected for such a purpose as for the strongest to lead, and our aim is always to make sure that the strongest of us truly do lead by example.

    Though there is no water in our home, there will be blood to quench our thirst. Though our food comes from the cattle-like animals that trudge through our plane, there will be banquets to sate our hunger. Babilis will guide us and although she may be trapped in this prison world like the rest of us, there is always the possibility of turning greener pastures like Syndesia into a blood red paradise under the right circumstances. Conduct yourselves in the most logical manner, and join us on our path to righteous fury.

    Should we interest you, apply to join us here:

    Guild Link: https://fracturedmmo.com/guild-profile/id/4066/
    Discord Link : --- Link To Follow ---

    Contact Us: Please DM myself or a member of the Council to be able to get in contact with us in regards to diplomacy. If you think threatening us is the way forward then do not even bother to contact us.


    Welcome to Fractured, @Rekington! I'm sure the Horde will kick ass and slay with impunity. šŸ’Ŗ

    We at Meridian extend our greetings! šŸ˜„


    Greetings "Meridian" @Alexian . Let's hope that as we become larger and larger as days go by that a relationship can remain... fruitful for both sides...

    Of course, that's if it falls within your morals.


    Hmmm Tartaros- Last bastion of freedom and democracy. Somehow it just doesn't fit.


    @Gibbx What could be more free than choosing your rulers, being protected by friends, allies and being an organised force that doesn't let morality hold it back?

    You must be one of those Beastmen at "one" with everything... Even you have space in our world... As an abomination.


    @Rekington idk maybe I am not looking at Tartaros correctly but I see it as a land of iron handed tyranny where the stronger dominate the weaker by any brutal means necessary and everyone puts their own wellbeing ahead of anyone else's and you are only free if you are individually strong enough to seize it and can only maintain that freedom while you remain stronger that your foes. This really does not seem to be democratic in nature, but you can wrap up your propaganda however you want.


    @Gibbx I can. And I will.

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