• scusate ho una chiave per accedere al gioco. l'ho claimata ma comunque non mi fa accedere al gioco, come posso fare?


    If you do not have the pack or the key:

    Fractured Store

    If you purchase Legend Pack, you get Alpha 2 Key.
    Or you can purchase one of 2 other packs with whom you get one of the Beta keys.

    If you already have the pack, then you do not need to enter key anywhere. You automatically have access, as long as the servers are online and available to play, you should be able to log in.

    If you do not have the pack, but you have the key from other source (winning a contest or similar) then go to fractured main page (and be logged in):

    Click to your Profile Name, then click on Options.
    Then click on Redeem Code (last option in menu), type in your code and click Submit.

    Your key should now be applied, and as long as game servers are online you should be able to access them.

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