Favourite skill from moba / rpg / arpg (you would like to appear in Fracture

  • As this game is planned to have moba like fight system, is there specific hero you would like to recreate from any moba / RPG you´ve ever played or skill they have you would love to find in Fractured (not regular fireball foundable in any generic fantasy game)?

    For example i love:
    Dota 2 - Atropos/Fiends grip - channeled disable+nuke stealing mana
    Pudge - The hook (says all), his aoe rot is nice too (health draining aoe slow + dmg); Nerub. weaver - skill that takes your HP and MP back where they were X seconds back
    Smite - Kumbakharna - Epic uppercut - disable knocking enemy up for few seconds,
    dealing damage on attack and aoe on landing
    Fenrir, Xiang Tian - Ragnarok, Whirlwind of Rage and Steel - both skill grab you and you can decide where to throw /move them (for example on spot with your aoe ground ability)
    HotS - Witch doctor - Plague of toads - slowly jumping exploding frogs with passive giving them more
    dmg on each jump

    How about your favourites?


    @asspirin not a skill in particular but I love how the skills in lost ark feel how the mobs explode in meat chunks, and the punches/hits feel powerful

    Iv always liked burn aoe style warriors walking and sticking to enemys slowly wearing everyone down

  • @Xzoviac yep, ragdoll mechanic is fine, one feels like a badass 😄 in GRIM DAWN on lower difficulties you killed everything on one hit and bodies would just fly away ❤ ;, on the other had it looked really weird, when you were punching something for 10 seconds with no effect until it died and then you smashed him over whole room like the monster weighted nothing.

    If you hit something wih 30lb hammer and he dies, its weird if he just lays down due to heart attack, at least knocking him back would be fine.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    I'd like to see one called "Multipath". It's from an older game, and what it did was change where a doorway, gate, arch, or whatever led... through a certain number of times. Not only is the place that it is cast upon easy to see, but it could be adjusted via sending things other than oneself through (such as spells or projectiles).

    So for a single cast, the caster would have to visit and mark a spot. You could not mark the same spot, but could mark close by. So, say you mark around a building 5 times, and on the sixth you mark the inside of a jail cell. When cast, the first 5 people would go to the building, but the sixth would land in jail.

    The ability has a lot of potential for power, but it also takes a lot of preparation, and can be foiled rather easily. Any nonliving things going through alone were destroyed in the original (spells, projectiles, rocks, etc.) but not living things such as pets or people (and those were not stripped bare).

  • @Jairone Wasn´t this skill also in an old arpg NOX as one of wizard´s spell? But sure would be nice, not sure however how much use it would have on such a huge game map (and also patience, as it´s a trap) 🙂

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    @asspirin I don't remember if it was in NOX too, I was going way back to floppy disk days though. It's also somewhat similar to several older RPGs which had limited data space, and solved the need to go back and forth by having a teleport that the player set, and having them overwrite it as needed.

    I'm thinking it would have situational uses, but be limited somewhat by the restrictions. If it was something like a permanent portal, or if it could be used to shortcut with carts, it would be broken as all get out. Instead, maybe it could be used at a mine shared by a few smaller groups to send out a call for aid if there's a problem, as an example.

    What else it could do, quite nicely, is help with things like sending friendlies across a town quickly. It could also be used by a spy to try to set up a quicker infiltration attempt. Etc. I doubt too many people would end up trying to use it as a trap, given that it's both obvious to see, and that there's relatively few times where that is the best choice for how to try to deal with a person who isn't working out in a group. Especially given the ability to die and join up with foes.

    I also think that it could still be too strong depending upon group sizes and stuff, which means balance would have to remain a consideration. Things like limiting the number of uses more, having some larger preparation or cost, and limiting total distance might be involved in balancing that if needed.

  • @Jairone well, we have seen "teleport" ability used py player, so maybe 🙂

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