Somewhat customizable housing?

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    I was just thinking about how the roof just appeared once you completed the walls during A1-T2.

    Which led me to wonder if there could be an option to make a wooden roof or a tile roof by using either wood or stone. Which quickly followed with the thought of options for all aspects of building the house. (although perhaps the foundations would have to be stone?) Just by allowing the option for either wood or stone at each stage of the building process, you could allow for a decent amount (12 or 20 variations depending on foundation option) of customization for each type of housing.

    Wood pillars, stone floor, stone walls, stone roof.
    Stone pillars, wood floor, wood walls, wood roof.
    All wood. All stone.



    As far as I know, there will be more variations available later on (beta or release)


    Houses are planned to be able to be built using various resources, I don´t know however if you select a blue print and can then build the different parts of the house with whatever you want, or if you have to select the resource when you place the blue print.


    My guess would be that you acquire blueprint for type of house you wish (there will be multiple blueprints available), and then you build it according to blueprint specifications by bringing resources needed.

    After that you will be able to customize interior of the house by placing different types of furniture around how you wish.

    House structure will not be customizable per se, but you will have an option of many blueprints to build the house like you wish (but no, afaik, there will be no free-from placement of house walls if that's what you are asking).


    one think i would be really excited to see on game release or as an update after it even, is being able to get blueprints to get house room addons. Like, you get a blueprint to build a house, build it, then if u manage to get one of these addon blueprints, you can add a room to the side of the already existing house 🙂 would make it hella more personalised and make the house look more like a house, rather than just 1 giant room.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    @Yitra Yeah, the italics didn't show up on my post. I'm sure there are other housing TYPES coming, but this would be a quick way to allow even further customization within the types of housing offered.

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