Idea for another pledge package.


    I have a "Forum" Idea.. but it is something you have not considered.. to raise more money.. You have high tier packages for the 3 realms.. but what about the Asteroid? Create an even higher tier package for that to add to the Store. Some features could be: Special Star Metal Anvil...Name The Asteroid..... when that asteroid comes into formation with a constellation... and lines up perfectly... it opens a portal to the asteroid... the semantics of this might be silly on my part.. but hopefully the idea of it is relayed.

    Just a thought/concept. Let me know what you think folks.


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    These smaller player owned asteroids could be called meteoroids (which are small asteroids irl). Even those would be mainly for personal/guild use, maybe other players could visit those (like in any other asteroids) in some perioids. And at the same time when the meteoroid is open for public, the content in it could also change, unlock things to do for the players.


    Build your own dungeon pledge pack Designing traps , rooms, loot chest locations, points of interest, style of dungeon, monster style and what the monsters are doing

    Goblins kidnapping women for there needs and breeding to make more goblins (goblin-slayer story)

    A hidden hive of Vampires planning on taking over small towns eating the villagers and converting the strong

    A band of well-prepared kobolds uses guerrilla tactics to significantly challenge a far more powerful party then they can usually , because of being more organized the usual, only to find some darker more intelligent evil Leading the group using violence and terror to rule the kobolds , a beholder maybe


    Littlefinger pledge pack - start by owning your own "small enterprise" in one of the towns. 😉

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