Dance a Black Spiral

  • Walk a path with me, one stained so deeply with the blood of mortal kind that it causes even the least compassionate angels to turn away in utter horror.

    Why do we walk it sons and daughters?

    • This is the natural order, and the laws of nature out rank the laws of mortal kind.

    This is why we dance the black spiral until the 3 realms collide, why we balance the scales of life and death and measure our success in cold corpses of those that have left the balance.

    This might sound like I'm playing a role here, I am not.

    In any ecosystem balance must be maintained, so I am recruiting those that would help maintain it.

    Race? Why would the balance care about such things, I am not inviting you to a guild, but to a fraternity, a brotherhood.

    Who knows when you might need a trusted hand to help you hide a body, or balance the scales of justice, or summon a horde of demon assassins with reasonable rates and no overtime.

    Just saying...



    Very nice, I got some chills reading this. A truly dreadful group this'll be I'm sure.


    as a demon, i read this and was excited until you said work with humans and best man

  • 🤷
    Ya have to corrupt something.

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