traveling caravans/merchants or just a way to haul mass amounts of stuff


    I'll be honest and say i got this idea from Sheild Hero but i feel like being able to have a caravan and be able to travel and sell stuff in game would be really cool. My apologies if this is already being implemented but its just something that seems like it would be useful but also something passed up.


    @Kansei I have understood that caravans would be a thing at least some way. Inventory spaces will be kind of limited and players can carry just some items with basic mounts. I presume there will be playercrafted wagons, which can be used for transporting larger amount of goods. Selling right stuff in right towns and cities will hopefully and most likely be a thing.

    Transporting goods in Syndesia and especially in Tartaros can be dangerous and risky business. Of course I can see caravans as guild activity where members are escorting caravans through dangerous areas. Maybe even hiring player mercenaries or NPC guards could be a thing.

    If you were thinking a caravan mechanic, like in Ashes of Creations, I am not sure will there be one.


    Well i think that caravans will be used for both.
    Guilds may use them to both trade and haul huge amounts of goods to areas/cities that they have an interest in building up.
    And merchants can set up caravans to bulk trade, since as @Tuoni said inventory will be limited.
    Note: i think caravans should be at its core entirely player run, not something you can pay an NPC in town to set up.


    i really hope gold (currency) isn't in a UI but a physical item in the inventory which would require caravans to haul quantity around.

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