Is there any way to get a Pre-Alpha Key now?


    I was wondering if i could also some how participate in the Pre Alpha but i don't know how to get a key now.


    No, there is no way for you to enter the Pre - Alpha, which will end with this month.


    At this very moment, due to Improbable/Unity situation, no. Pre-Alpha is down for the moment and no one is inside.

    I don't know what are the plans after the situation resolves itself (one way or the other). Will a period of pre alpha still continue, or will devs chose to go directly to alpha 1, due to some time setback.

    No one can tell you that right now, probably not even devs, because they are waiting to see how situation is resolved.

    But theoretically...

    If devs chose one more period of pre-alpha to go on, and they chose to include few more people in it, then perhaps some additional lucky drawing could get you in.

    Again, no one can guarantee what will happen yet. But I suggest you stay active on forums, and show your support to the game and to devs, which will be beneficial to the game regardless of what happens with pre-alpha / alpha. And just wait and see. 🙂

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