Public Sprint Recaps - Welcome to Dynamight Studios!

  • DymStudios - CEO

    Hi everyone!

    This forum section has been created to allow you to (virtually) enter the office of Dynamight Studios and follow what's being added to the game on a frequent basis.

    Unlike SOTG (State Of The Game) updates, posts in this section are rather concise, each covering the work done during a single Scrum Sprint (or two, at most).

    Two caveats before you dive in to this section:

    • Posts are coupled with screenshots and short videos of assets whenever possible, but we're keeping more structured gameplay videos and trailers for large updates only.
    • The focus of rendering compositions and other assets shown is often to give you an insight of the processes followed in the development of the game. Images often show incomplete works, or assets that we deem finished for the time being but that will be nonetheless improved in a close or even a distant future (during Beta, for instance).

    With that being said... Enjoy and, always, feel free to leave your feedback and drop your questions whenever you feel like! 😄

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