Stat stat scaling different based on class?


    I haven't read much into the game, but will our stats scale differently based on what class and character type we choose like in Mabinogi?

  • There are no classes, it's a free form system. You choose your stat distribution when you create your character and a background which just determines your starting skills. Eventually you can learn every skill in the game (about 400) and their strength will be determined by the stats you chose at character creation. You have a hotbar that can fit 8 skills and you can mix and match skills as you please with the ability to respec every time your character rests. There's also a talent tree to further refine your build.

    The progression in this game is mostly horizontal. There's some slight power gain from leveling up skills to level three, but nothing to the scale of Mabinogi. You won't be gaining permanent stat increases; your progression comes in the form of being able to adapt your build to more situations.


    @target thank you for the clarification


    About stat : you need to think how to dispatch creation point and which race you want to incarnate.
    For that, look to there Spotlight #1 #3 #4 #5
    You could also find some translation on the forum from natural speaker.

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