Casual Demon Guild, needs members (Darkbloods) 2.0

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    I know I've done this already, but I decided to redo my guild recruitment page. Still for those who wish to just play the game. Will accept any demon no matter allegiance or goals. Wish to slaughter thousands, sure. Become the most powerful wizard every, great. Create a large trading empire, alright. Again this is a guild for everybody.

    Those who wish to be in charge of a certain category that our guild will participate in must be the first to volunteer. (Please contact me of a position you may want so I can promote you to a lieutenant).These are the positions available:

    Military - will be in charge of protecting the city and caravans and conquering new towns
    Diplomacy - Arrange alliances and foreign guild agreements
    Temple - temple offerings and divine quests
    Trade - Caravans and trade deals with other cities
    Wizardry - Magic and discovering new ones
    Building - in charge of making weapons and new buildings
    Thieves - Steals from hired targets and also deals in assassinations
    Hunting - Gathers resources
    Explorers - for the loners that want to go out on their own

    If there are not enough members then lieutenants will share tasks until a leader arrives and if the need for more categories arrives we will add them. Also, cities and towns that are allies or our trade partners are not allowed to be attacked or stolen from

    Hope you'll join us!
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