Dynamic Weather/Day & Night Effects?

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    I am not up to date on what the games engine can handle but I was wondering if dynamic weather effects were to be added or at least conceptualized? I feel adding these effects would make the game even more visually appealing(more than it already is)! In some other games that I have played(none come to my immediate memory) both day/night and weather had the ability to play a roll on game play such as adding both buffs and debuffs to the character. I have read through the Fractured news tab and saw that the environment(water in particular) could be manipulated by using ice and electricity spells but what about the addition of randomized and persistent weather such as rain, fog or even hail? The ways different types of weather could effect both PvP and PvE are endless!

    Just discovered this game a few hours ago and I am already truly hyped for what this game has to offer!

    Leave your feedback below, please! ☔ 🌫 ❄ ☀ 🌙


    Yeah, Prometheus said that Weather/Day & Night Effects will exist.🌓 🌗
    The Shadow demon for exp. will be stronger/faster or sth. when it's dark. 🌚 🌚

    Midoriya 😉

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    That's awesome I had no idea, I am even more excited now! The attention to detail by the developers is impressive, so glad to be apart of the foundation!

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