Cross skill tree skills?


    I don't expect a real solid answer for this since obviously information is limited, but I figure it's interesting to think about anyway so I'm posting lol

    Will there be skills that work especially well with or are designed specifically for use with skills from other trees?

    For example, say a necromancy spell applies stacks of curse (and it's the only source of curse for the sake of argument), and one restoration skill will only work, or at least work significantly better on, enemies with stacks of curse.
    Another example, maybe an illusion spell that distorts/obfuscates conjured creatures and objects, so enemies won't be able to tell what was conjured

    Or maybe skills that require you to spend knowledge points in two different trees to unlock.

    Since restoration healing spells damage undead, and enchanting spells will buff your targets attack/defense/speed/whatever, maybe you could restorationify an enchanting spell so that it debuffs undead

    Maybe someone who's strong in warfare and marksmanship could learn to throw weapons and items at enemies from a distance

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    From the picture Prometheus posted in the Spotlight ( it doesn't look like there will be intersections of talent tree branches. But of course this is just an assumption 😄

    Regarding the second question, I think this will be the case. Because each branch of the talent tree is for one of the 6 character attributes, it might be the case that you need to have one talent in charisma and one in intelligence unlocked to cast a specific spell to summon some creatures e.g.
    I think there will be surely some of these interactions implemented 🙂

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    @alcriblp Having some kind of mixed-start requirement for certain effects would definitely open up some interesting character concepts. 🙂

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    Well, it is almost out, so we will see in the alpha version.

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