QUACK QUACK - Sorry ive been missing been away! How is everyone?


    🦆 🦆 QUACK QUACK 🦆 🦆

    MORNING GUYS !!! How is everyone?? What have you all been up to recently!?

    Sorry I haven't been very active I have been away at my boyfriends 👩‍❤️‍👨 and everything kinda goes out the window to spend time with him and usually extensive gaming too hehe xD 🎮 🎧

    Also Kickstarter is over! I didn't get the package I wanted as I couldn't afford it.. But I just managed with like 30mins to spare to pledge on the first pack you get the game... So at least I get the Kickstarter exclusive goodies 😄 I will have to just upgrade when I can at normal price if they don't bring early bird to store or it sells out before I have the money haha xD

    Did you guys all manage to pledge?


    Welcome back Emma.
    And what? 😮 You have more than one boyfriend? 😉


    they are still deciding if they will bring back some of the packs at early bird price. but of course, that is going to be more limited than it was during kickstarter

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