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    So I get that there are many ways to build your character by allocating attribute points, which means we will end up with many different characters (thus needing the ability to have more than 1 character). I also know that pledging in KS will allowing one to get extra character slots. Question is how many character slots are available for those who joined the game without the special titles and perks from KS rewards (sorry if i missed this information somewhere if it is already provided)


    There will be 2 characters slots aviable for everyone from the start.

  • @codetsilon It will be possible to buy extra slots from shop later, is not a KS exclusive.. but you will have time to think for these things..


    @00 define buy? as in with in game currency or real world currency?

  • @codetsilon Well im not a Dev an maybe neither them know at this early point but is strongly probable that you start with 2 char slots and if you want to have extra you will pay 10€ with cash shop currency. But dont ask me if is possible to earn this currency ingame for now 💨
    For what i know is reccomanded to focus only on 1 character as to unluck everything you will play for.. many time. Then im not sure but you will probably make a setup on a campfire to do pve\pvp support or tank.. what you want and you will select as much points and skills as you have. But maybe is possibile to be a mage and the next day a Warrior.. i have this info from the trailer video of KS:


    I think 3 slots would be better from the get-go. That way you'd be able to try out each of the races.
    I guess human and either of the other two would be a good way to start, as human kind of lets you figure out which alignment you like best and then you can choose whichever for your second character. Still, I think three slots would be better.


    You'll start with 3 character slots, not 2. This was changed due to feedback.

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