Hello everyone, I found today a game called Mavericks Proving Ground. It is a Battle Royale game (scoff, i know), but it's taking the genre to a whole new level. It will feature 1000 player matches with a staging area that is entirely open world w/ auction houses, shops, NPCs etc.
    Anyways, this pertains to Fractured because Mavericks will be implementing SpacialOS in order to pull off this crazy sounding feat of game building. If all goes well, it should provide insight to Fractured about how to correctly pull off a massive open world populated by a huge sum of people.
    Also let me know if anyone wants to try this game out because it looks fantastic as saturated as the BR market is 😋

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    This is an Off topic discussion, this isn't for General Discussions since it isn't about Fractured.

    Go to Mavericks Proving Ground's forums and talk about the shit game or put it in Off Topic not in Genereal Discussions.

    Edit: Thanks for whoever moved it to Off topic


    @sparky I'll report every one of your replies with that nasty ass tone


    stop crying and rather the same way , we are men or not ?

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    @zidroc Not even a nasty tone, it just you put a game no one cares about in General discussion, and I asked someone to move it to Off Topic. So report me if you like.

    @mattdaniel Some just can't take structured criticism well, and when he's proven wrong, he tried to prove himself right.

    Another edit: He got Maverick Proving Grounds all wrong, it's an open world PvP shooter, and it's going to have a BR gamemode as a side thing for players to do. Auction houses and etc isn't the staging area, but the open world feature of the game which is different from the BR part of the game. So, once again he just posted without knowing anything about the game.


    Meh, I've done the founder thing with Mavericks, and we'll see where she goes. The mmo part could be fun depending on how it goes, but the spacialos tech they are using is definitely a move towards the future.

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