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    @muker The system works this way now because it makes the most sense. If a player can't stay permanently on a planet, he/she would have a hard time playing with the rest of the guild.

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    Check out this Q&A the question is asked around 12:00

    @PROMETHEUS does mention they have other options but will go with this setup for now, guild is based on planets... so characters will need to have permanent access to the planet where the guild is based...

    Arboreus will be good aligned characters... Beastmen, humans and possibly Angels
    Syndesia will be more diverse... Humans of both alignments. Beastmen (possibly abominations?) and Angels
    Tartaros will be Evil aligned characters... Demons, Evil humans and Abominations

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    wow went kinda big here with the name i see making an enemy out of all other merchants


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