Registration woes - password field


    I had problems registering.

    I'm not going to complain about limiting the password to measly 24 characters, or not being allowed to place '$' or ';' in the password. I mean, you have to set the limits somewhere, your framework might be extra paranoid about code injection, and you're a video game company, not a bank.

    What I am going to complain is:

    • The error message on entering wrong characters not being helpful. It just says "Your password contains invalid characters." without any indication which characters are valid or invalid. It would be helpful if it said "Password may only contain letters and numbers" or whatever validation rules you have set.
    • Validation rules for password are different between frontend and backend. The registration form allows you to enter a password containing a semi-colon (';'), confirm it, and click the "Submit" button, but that causes the form to be reloaded with empty password fields and the "Your password contains invalid characters." message hanging above them.

    If I wasn't as enthusiastic about your game as I am, that might've caused me to abandon registration process out of frustration. It would be nice if this was fixed.

    (On an unrelated note, I'm loving your forum software. This is the best post editor I've ever come across, catering to casual and power users at the same time.)

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    I'm wanting to say i had problems too because I use a password generator.

    yes! i love the forums!! love the way i can compose and browse without losing it!


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