What is the progression expected to be like. Will it be an Uber grind? Will skill gain be passive? Will the pve be difficult?



    Spotlight and FAQ are great resources which will answer the question in more details.

    no xp grind, however resources will have to be acquired.
    progression is more the Knowledge system than story content or raid tiers.
    skills are unlocked via the Knowledge system.
    PvE will be solo friendly.
    PvP will exist and so will full corpse looting.

    the game will be a sandbox style so don't expect all questing to exist.


    I'm pretty sure @Jetah Explained it quite well, although:

    Each resource will be needed to build, pretty much anything.
    It's about skills and weapon classes, not rng and mindless grinding (I think and I hope).
    The Knowledge system will require specific tasks before unlocking a skill.
    3 different worlds, animal haven (Mainly PVE), human man land (Law based pvp), and literal hell (Free for all bonanza)
    Each character you make has different stats and different amounts of stat points.
    I'm assuming PVE won't be too difficult, but who knows.

    The News page is very helpful.

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