Combat style?

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    Hey guys I've seen a few videos with the game, looks decent so far was just wondering how the combat is going to work, is it gunna be like especially for maybe larger scale fights, if there is any, and what sort of content there is gunna be to use so we can make our own fights. Just details on PvP battles themselves, how you see them playing out, what the objective for doing said battles is, apart from killing each other, for example if you fight large scale battles for territories in game that give some sort of benefit.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    @grisaia for example, the siege of the city to be its owner

  • TF#10 - CONSUL


    We haven't been told the rewards for owning land or controlling a city but it was mentioned that we could charge for residential plots (for housing) and taxes of those plots, there was some other things but I don't remember them well enough. The search bar should be able to find it.

    It seems like a settlement can be upgraded to a village then upgraded to a city then to a fort or similar, maybe even a full on capital city. People might want to siege it and own it.


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