Changing usernames?


    This isn't something that I'd particularly want to do, but I was curious for the benefit of other players if it would ever be a possibility to change out your username once the game is complete. Would the system allow that? And if so, what would be the repercussions for it? Would there be a fine/in game penalty?


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    @kitsandkats I think this feature will be available for donation and therefore, if your chosen nickname is not used. We'll find out all that later.
    I found only this, but this is for the account, not the character after its creation

    While the perceived security issue should be fully addressed, we are aware that some of you might be interested in changingusername to something more of your liking. If you wish to do so, please send a message to from the address you've used to register to Fractured specifying the new username you want and we'll take care of it as soon as soon as possible.

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    i can't see DS forcing you to create a new account to change your username. Most games have the ability to do that.


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