How many races should we expect in the future?

  • I was curious to how much potential growth the game is anticipating

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    @scarlettchimera You see, the potential of this game is ENDLESS, the game can easily appear: elves, lizards, dwarves, hobbits, dragons, undead... Yes at all anything! But a new race will be added after the games release

    Hey there!
    I think it's a bit early to talk about new species. The only thing I can tell you for now is that we already thought about a new race to be added later in the development, but every possible new race will be living on one of our three existing planet since they'll have really varied biomes, at least for now. Every other aspect of that matter will be discussed later during the development 😛

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    it depends on what races fit in the lore and aesthetics of the game.


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