Will There Be Any Weather Restriction?


    In most RPG-MMO, I have not seen a game that have a weather restriction. We all be hunting animals and monster for their loot such as raw meat, blood, bones, coins, fur, and etc. But aiming how realistic can be, we need some resistance over the weather. For example, killing a bear and collecting its fur is very decent to wear in the cold climate. Also I was wondering there will be rating different temperatures over the weather. Do we really need better clothing to resist multiple levels? If this gonna be a open world, it has to different various of climate. Deserts, Mountains, Snow Field, Active Volcanoes, Lava Field, other major Biome. My Fellow Travelers do you think the game gives us this challenge to travel the world?


    An MMO I played recently had a weather effect of cold. If the outside temperature was too cold and you weren't properly dressed, you would become cold, then slow down, then stop getting benefit from eating, and finally freeze into a solid icecube and eventually die if someone didn't thaw you out.

    It was based of the cold mechanic in Don't Starve, if you've ever played that. Some people like the mechanic, and some hated it. It didn't help that at first, fire had no effect on how cold you were, only clothing. New players kept building fires to warm up and then being confused when that didn't work.

    I think it could be neat if you had to wear the appropriate clothing for your biome and could get debuffs for being too hot or too cold. But it would have to include effects of nearby fire, warmth or cool from going indoors, things like that that make sense or it would be way too annoying.


    At least there should be day/night, and would be interesting if there were seasons.


    @Mereni , I had played a game of "Don't Starve", I totally forgot about that game, its probably I have no friends to play with and thought about its a single player game lol. Even though that is a good mechanic we should have for our challenge to travel. Plus building a fire would not help very much. But if we are in a blizzard and it increase the temperature, The game should provide a nearby cave to camp in with a campfire or build a campfire to stall our survivor. Would that be more interesting and probably travel through the cave if has something in it? Then later we come out the cave and see the blizzard is gone. (Weather System should be needed in the game too).


    Food and drinks. You start your journey to the largest town of the realm. Just like fighting, travelling accelerates the need to feed yourself. While some regions are rich with edible resources and you can hope to find food on the way, this one is quite bare and requires adventures to plan their trip wisely. You open your bag, and realize there’s only a slice of hardtack in it – and this is not LOTR. Damn!
    Clothing. This time, you’ve brought the perfect quantity of food and water with you and you’re sure you’ll reach your destination with ease… but you’ve forgotten you have to cross a mountain pass in the meantime. Your journey ends up with a new human popsicle on the way, reminding travelers that on Fractured equipment doesn’t matter in combat only.
    Rest. You won’t get fooled this time. You have plenty food, water and all the clothing you need. A little too much, in fact. You’re heavy, and you’re tiring quickly. When your legs refuse to move any longer, you set up a makeshift bed, feast aplenty and close your eyes for a shirt sleep – but your lame camp offers little protection, so a pack of wolves ends up feasting on you. Too bad!

    ^ From the Travels Spotlight. Those will be the three main things to keep in mind while traveling in Fractured.


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