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  • Hey guys,
    my name is lastpsych and I am completely new to the franchise. I never picked up one MMO 😃 I have been playing FPS for the last couple of years and I play competitively so I am all into shooters. Will this game be noob friendly and will I, as a newbie, feel comfortable, pregression and acomplishment-wise, say I will see a skill curve and not only get bashed.


    depends on how you plan to play. Fractured has 3 starting planets that offer 3 different play styles. PvP, PvX and PvE. If you're completely new to the MMORPG theme then I'd suggest trying out Path of Exile for a little bit to get custom to the isometric view. PoE is free so it won't hurt to try it out.

    Since you play FPS then you're probably use to PvP encounters so you could just right in the PvP planet of Tartaros where (speculation here) it's a wild west. The players make the rules!

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    PoE is pretty overwhelming though. Even I found it overwhelming the moment I opened the skill hex and I play MMO's almost exclusively.
    But other than that, it is a good free place to start 🙂

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    @lastpsych I wonder what made you choose this MMO, if you're new to the franchise, and not one with the shiny cinematic trailers and such.

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    @lastpsych do not worry you just have to learn how to play an isometric game. Considering that will be mostly a pvp game I suggest you to play some mobas around like Dota2, HotS, LoL and os on 😉 get some skill there and you will be super ready for this game.

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