“player” run?


    With the players providing the economy, from what i read, does this mean npc merchants will be gone or will they just sell food, drink, basic items or will a starting character rely on quests and other players to gear up? Also will there be an auction house or will npc merchants resell what is sold to them at a greater cost than what a player would sell to them? Because that would be a neat feature- npc middlemen


    @hairypinecones excellent questions, all I am also keenly interested in since my main goal would be farming for the sake of crafting things to help others on their epic interplanetary quests!


    tagging @Shadowphoenix too

    What we know right now. We'll automagically know some basic crafts and combat. (speculation here) Merchants may sell reagents that are required for crafting. I can see them selling basic tier consumables like water and stale bread.

    Each player have to gather and craft the basic stuff then get an advanced crafter to make better tiered gear (this is speculation as how I imagine it).

    There will be city based auction houses but nothing that will connected all 3 planets. You'll have to venture from town to town to see what's being offered. This also makes for a courier profession and trader profession.

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