Price range of game? $50-$75 AUD? or?


    What do you think the general price range of the game will be? Will it be available via steam or from its own personal website?


    The Kickstarter will be out at the end of the month for about a month, then it should be available to buy founder tiers from their official website 🙂

    There is a huge range in prices as a founder with lots of different benefits

  • For release, I believe they're planning to sell the game for $30 USD so about $40 AUD. The game probably won't be on Steam until it's polished enough for a more general audience, which might take a couple years.


    @plowking From what they (and others) have said, it would be just over $50 AUD, yes (current conversion rate from GBP to AUD). And it will only be available via Steam at a later date. Unknown at this point if that will be some time after release or just prior to full release.

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