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  • Ich wollte ganz einfach Nachfragen in welche Richtung dieses Game geht eher in Richtung Diablo 3 oder Path of Exile ?



    There are plenty of titles that inspired us to make Fractured. In the MMO department I can name a few:

    • Ultima Online for the freedom and the emotions given by exploration.
    • Shadowbane for its town building and conquest mechanics.
    • Haven & Hearth for its survival side.
    • Guild Wars 1 / 2 for its character building.
    • Vanguard for its race characterization.
    • Talking modern stuff, I could name Albion Online - or better, its dev studio Sandbox Interactive.
    • etc etc etc.

    Outiside of the MMO world, classic single player Action RPGs for the exciting and skill-based combat - you name them, there are so many! Tabletop games (D&D above all) and classic RPGs games (BG, Planescape) also inspired us for their character attributes, styles of magic, alignment...

    I could go on forever.

    Of course, most of the games I've mentioned are just inspirations - don't start thinking Fractured has, say, survival elements as hardcore as H&H - that's not the case 😄

    In the end, we've felt that in the sandbox MMO world there was still a lot of room for innovation and I hope what we've revealed so far and the future spotlights will convey Fractured's potential in full! 🙂

  • @muker Ty ! 😄


    @Exsos weder noch 😄
    Aber muker gab dir ja schon die passende Antwort.
    Generell ist es gut, wenn du dir noch die Dinge, die wir so zusammen getragen haben anschaust.
    Hier der Start einer deutschen Zusammenfassung der FAQs - (to be continued) 😉

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