Large Dungeons or places for those to test their mettle at difficult bosses


    I noticed in the Q&A that there will not be a huge emphasis on having very hard bosses or things that can't be tackled by a solo player.

    I think even if this is the mindset that dynamite wants to go with, it would be nice if each race had a location that would have a much harder task to tackle for those that want to optimize, gain skill and achieve something more.

    I don't think that this has to necessarily come with an increase in crafting materials or even be a lock to items that would require this to be completed. It would be nice though if it came with a small increase to some kind of item or helped to push knowledge that could be obtained by doing other things solo.

    Looking for difficulty and need to party with guildmates and friends while simultaneously not disturbing the games focus on allowing individuals to prosper.



    i could have sworn they said there would be some bosses that requires a group.


    @jetah They did say that there would be some bosses that will require a group but it would definitely not be the main focus of the game from where they stand.

    To me this seemed like it would be much less a priority to have this kind of encounter and part of the game but I feel there should be some more of this in the game.

    To play a multiplayer game you should at some points be required to be in a multiplayer environment. I think that this fosters better gameplay and people will always find a system for taking people or doing things like this.

    I just really want something to test myself regardless of how it is. I know PVP can be a great way to test yourself but sometimes the PVE get away from challenging yourself against other players is really good.



    I played WoW during the Wrath expansion and while leveling the forced group content was great. however, after that expansion the forced group content in wrath became a burden. i know Fractured won't have leveling but it would suck to stop progression because you need a group at a certain point in a dungeon or world boss.

    i don't see how an open world pvp game with full loot can support solo play.

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