Guilds stuff skin & other ingame


    Hi all,
    What do you think about that :
    Some guild's VIP members could give some Dynamic points to her/his guild :
    And the guild master could use there dynamic points on a guild VIP market only ?
    Why not :

    • some constructions plans,
    • some guild's crest item (and crest eraser) (like archeage)
    • some skin/armor with a crest guild
    • and other guild stuff....


    I would like to be able to boost my guild maybe with some group/guild pledge package or with dynamic pts (as you said) 🙂 Having a custom guild crest is definitively something that would be nice to have.

  • Yeah, (First sorry I'm really bad when I need to write in English) I think that a custom guild crest can be really good and give a little reward for the player who really contribute to the guild sounds fun! 😃

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