Comparisons to other genre-similar titles?


    Hey all!
    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I didn't see it in other areas so here it is:

    If the devs or community members who know more about this project, is there a game I could compare this to? I've played some different isometric RPGs, etc, and I was curious if there would be a recognizable feel to this particular title.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who has insight or thoughts about comparisons.

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    @adaman1 Hello Adam, this game it's pretty unique cause it's a sandbox full loot but will allow 3 play style. I doubt you will find something similar around. Also the progress system is unusual (knowledge system). Here you don't have to grind levels or tiers. You have to discover the abilities. Here you have 3 planets, eachone with different rules.

    People paragonate Fractured to Albion Online but just to avoid to get a bad game like that one.


    The combat style of Fractured is comparable to a MOBA; just imagine an open-world LoL or DotA 2. For specifics, you'd be best off reading the spotlights that can be found under the News section on the main website.

  • None of us have actually played it, so I don't think anyone can be specific on its similarity of "feel" to other games. But here are some games the devs are using as inspiration. I personally expect it to feel like a very slowed down Path of Exile.


    It's unique!

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    In my opinion, I'd relate it to Albion except entirely different and better in every way possible (if that makes sense) from what I've read about the game.

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    While it might be easy to toss out a couple names of other games that look similar I think I would be doing you a disservice. This game while not forging new ground is definitely taking a new path. Take a good read on the news section, that will get you up to speed. I do not think any comparisons would be fair at this point as some key mechanics have yet to be shown.

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    Moba style combat game where you build sandcastles, and ppl kick over your sandcastle, and then you kick over their sandcastle etc


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