Will there be vulnerabilities to have things in game hacked?

  • Will other things in the game be able to be hacked; for example houses, is there something in the game to stick away from until things are more ironed out before we waste our time building a city to have it hacked? or yall think were good to send it?


    As a IT guy I will say that: There is no system that cannot be hacked/damage, only systems that are not worth it.

    So if someone for some reason want to get Your data, most likely will get Your data what many much bigger companies proved. On the other hand, for us more depends on how many and how good copies/restore point company have, so for example in worst case scenario players only lose progress they made in last 24h (IRL not 24h of ingame progress). So far I would say I see no problem here and will still support. Especially since the more support, the more funds there would be to spend on (feed the developers finally!), and some most likely will be spend on better IT architecture.


    Where there's a will theres a way. Its impossible to block every single possible thing. Otherwise Microsoft wouldn't be issue patches every month. Google alone had like 6 updates last month. I know this because we had to push them to all of our clients

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