Connecting to server infinitely - Anyone else have this problem?

  • I've been playing since the new launch with no problems. I went to go log in finally and I got to the character selection and tried to connect. It goes to the "Connecting to Server" screen for about 20 seconds and then brings me back to character selection.

    The only thing I can think of is that I am using a new connection while at work, but my ping should still be fine.

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    That definitely looks like what happens when you can't reach the server.
    Try activating a VPN (sometimes fixes this) and/or clearing the cache located in AppData/LocalLoW/DynamightSrl

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    also, check your firewall settings to make sure the firewall isn't blocking the full connection, but just isn't notifying you.

  • @spoletta I'll try clearing the cache. A VPN did nothing and as for the poster below, I tried without my firewall and it isn't being blocked anyways. Thanks anyhow I'll give it a shot tomorrow.

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