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    Second post of the day, and second round of possibly quick changes which can solve old issues of the game.

    This time we talk about player crafting specialization. There is a general sentiment that people don't like that all players can craft everything without a need to specialize. There have been multiple proposals which ranged from attribute based crafting to limit of recipes known per char.

    Probably there is a much easier solution to that.
    Put a hardcap on how many production/refining facilities you can build on your plot.
    Limit the player simply by using the facilities he has access to. If he wants to "respec" he simply has to scrap the current facilities and build new ones. Easy to do, but bothersome enough that people will do it as less often as possible.

    I would also limit it based on the size of the house on the plot.
    2x2: 4 refining facilities, 1 production facility
    3x3: 2 refining facilities, 3 production facilities
    4x4: 0 refining facilities (obviously, you have no room outside)..., 5 production facilities
    5x5: Same as 4x4.

    Refining facilities: Tanning Tub, Smeltery, Distillery, Woodcutting station.

    Production facilities: Sewing station, Essences Extractor, Forge (counts as 2), Woodworking table, Fletching table, Potion table (?), Imbuing table, Wizard table.

    This way a person cannot do it all on its own and will focus on certain aspects. It can still use the public one in the cities, but those have taxes coming with them.

    This isn't an harsh way to "specialize" players, but is very quickly done. It keeps the concept that a single char can technically do it all on its own, but at least it makes it convenient to rely on others. Your plot will be part of your "build".

    As an added benefit, we will no longer see industrial plots (plots without house on it and only crafting stations).

  • NO. There are people that enjoy crafting and/or gathering more than the average player and it is simply not necessary to restrict players options there. If they want to have 4 Smelters on their plot why not?

  • Just copy Ultima Online they had skill cap of 700

    if you wanted to add more skills make a alt character

    alts are important because they keep the world live with people starting again and moving in areas another done character wouldnt ever go again
    alts keep games alive


    And "Palace" - ALL! 🙂

  • gogogogogo


    If Fractured Online allows a single person to learn every combat skill ever possible and they can switch them on demand at any fire, why do people that want to dedicate themselves to crafting need a limit placed on what they can do? That's an honest question.

    I'm all for improving housing so that there is a real choice between having another crafting station and literally anything else. Right now there is no choice. We need viable alternatives to crafting stations for housing. If they throw on an artificial crafting station limit, they might as well just be cutting all the lots in half because it would be the same result.

    P.S. Even if nothing changes, housing needs to have all of the items you can build in them standardized in size. Its silly that a Charcoal Pile is a 1x1, but cannot be built in a 1x1 grid because the "extra" parts of it hang over into other grids (meaning you cannot even build a Charcoal Pile on a standard lot if you have anything bigger than a 2x2 house). Or that two half grid items cannot fit if you place A then B, but do fit if you place B then A. Or that a quarter grid item fits when rotated one way, but not the other.

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