Resource requirement for gear is too much

  • ...should not have to farm that much coal & iron for a set of gear. Yeah, copper requires less coal, but depends where on the map it is, it is a nightmare of a farm where we are at. 1 Coal run (1 cart) takes 45 min and thats if it hasnt already been farmed.

    I suggest:

    1. reducing mat requirements for medium and heavy armor by 50% and on top of that, reduce coal requirement by 50% (temperature).

    2. Add more coal spots to the map of Aerhen.

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    actually, there is an overabundance of resources out there. Right now there's a huge competition for it, but there really is more resources than most of us know what to do with once the game gets more stablized.

    Remember, the game is designed to have certain time-gates to make the game last longer. Your not supposed to speed to t2 full armor in just a few days, although it is possible.

    Once you start getting situated in the game, you should have excess ingots to make replacement armor as you go along. The original thought process I believe was a set of gear was supposed to last about 2 weeks, afterall.

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    Coal IMO is fine like this. Aerhen is supposed to be lacking coal, especially since it is a mostly Iron continent, which requires a lot of coal.

    I do agree though, that the tier 1 (and only the tier 1) armors should cost less metal.


    there is a lack of resources specificly mob drops due to such low drop rates there to difficult to get for people to use non newbie gear for red pvp. Maybe this can be fixed later on making those resource common drops in the demon planet since there always red pretty much they need to easily get decent gear since alot of build require the effects from T2 armors to actually function.
    Some enchant mats are issues too with there rarity some are common enough but others are like 1% or less drop rate lol

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