September 16 - Fixes and Improvements

  • Since the Steam Early Access launch yesterday we experienced issues with two external web services that are used by game servers, Due to load, these services malfunctioned, causing a variety of issues which are detailed as below.

    We've been hard at work to make these services "scale" as they should and we've made significant progress - in one case we've likely solved them entirely.

    Login/Lougout, Banks, Markets:

    • Banks not opening or "eating" items.
    • Logins failing and requiring multiple attempts to be successful.
    • Logouts failing or requiring a long time.
    • Markets being slow or malfunctioning

    We won’t be sure until the patch is released and you all log back in, but we are very confident the scalability improvements we’ve made should be working, and all these issues should become a (bad) memory of launch day

    Chat, Guilds, Parties and Harbor:

    • Failure to create and invite people to guilds, parties, and groups of settlers
    • The global chat not showing, and messages are not being sent.
    • Failure to be registered as citizens of a city or be promoted /
    • Failure to use harbours

    We're also releasing various improvements to this service, but we're not equally confident they'll be sufficient. If not, we'll keep working on new solutions.

    Other Fixes:

    • Horses can now spawn on Terra.
    • Tailors can now be used in starting areas of Terra.
    • Made minor improvements to client framerate when in an overcrowded area.
    • Wildfolk corpses are no longer displayed as Humans.
    • The cooldown of Hunter's Mark now rests when killing a marked victim.
    • Minor fixes to spell VFX.


    markets still don't work on Terra and the horse spawn is questionable. I won't even get into the 0% fertility right now. Will wait for the announcement on that one...

    Basically Aehern at beta launch...

  • Wiki Editor

    For our entire playergroup the yesterday from Prometheus announced problems are present. No Guild-List, No Party, No Settlergroup access, no Chat, no usable stations on private Plot anymore.
    For this reason, it is unplayable for us, since the only thing we can do to run around alone and kill some minor stuff.
    Hope there will be a soon fix, I want to test the entire Arboreus Stuff, but it isn't possible right now.

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