Citizen of which city?

  • Hi,

    I remember when I joined the game I applied to be a citizen of some city but now I don't recall which one I joined. I travelled Myr in the main cities trying to do the initial route but I couldn't find any city where I'm a citizen of. Can someone (GM, Moderator) please tell me which city I'm a citizen of please? 'Vote Lula 13' is my char name.


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    how long ago did you join, the city you joined may no longer exist.

  • I joined maybe 1 or 2 weeks ago. In this case how can I leave this previous city?

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    if city is gone, you can join a new one if they will have you. That being the case, there is only 1 more day until the servers go down for the wipe, and they come back up on Thursday and you'll have to rejoin a new city and remake your character as it is, so probably moot now.

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