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    VIP should not give a knowledge bonus. It's basically a way to help skip a grind that the devs put in the game. So it's a pay to ignore something made. As this is going to be a pve/pvp game there should be no paid advantaged in either.


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    In a lot of ways, the KP bonus is more of a trap than an actual advantage.

    An inexperienced player comes in with VIP knowledge bonus, and knows they may only have it for a month or so, so they try to switch mobs as fast as they can max them out, not staying to grind them at all, so they suffer a drastic shortage of many gatherable resources that those mobs provide, so have to go back later in order to get the loot needed to craft/buy better gear.

    Also, same newbie character doesn't know which skills to unlock, so 'wastes' a lot of those extra KP on skills they would never use for their build. Once the game's been out for awhile, a KP advantage won't matter, because long term players will have gotten most of the KP anyway, and a late entry player can possibly use a guide if they are the type to 'catch-up' with the veteran players with a viable build to jump into the action.

    Either way, the KP boost is more than likely not going to give much if any advantage, and will in fact hinder the uninitiated in the long run.


    I once again don't agree and I think this is a reach and stretch to be okay with the system. Much like saying your biggest strength is actually a weakness, I don't buy it.

    But hey it's either to small of a bonus to really matter or to big of a one that is an issue. I really don't think there is an inbetween. Is the bonus where you need to kill 5 less of an enemy to get the full knowledge to learn the skill? 10,000 enemies less to get all the KP you need? Who knows! But it's suspect and a perceived issue on what is currently known.

  • Without going to much into the discussion I want to point out that everyone get the same start condition because 1 month VIP is included even in the cheapest pack.



    Yes, but that does not change anything really. Esp if they are planning on people playing many characters because the lack of being able to play between the races. So the need for more characters to do more opens up that much more.

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