Very big ping!

  • Why do you have such a high ping in the game? Where is your server located? Will you have European servers? Will it be somehow fixed by the release, or do you think that everything is in order with this? I wanted to buy and study your game but ran into a problem, with such a ping it will not be possible to conduct good pvp. Don't want to waste my time learning your game if ping isn't reduced in the future!

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    How much ping are you experiencing?

    Plenty of players (me included) are playing from Europe without issues.

  • What difference does it make what my ping is. do you think you have good ping? it can't be good for you, I haven't seen a video/stream where the ping would be below 100. do you want to say that your ping is the same as in other games with European servers? Now I have the same ping as if the game server was in America.

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    I play with 120-150 which is what I expect from most EU players.
    120-150 in this game is perfectly fine, you can pvp with zero issues.

    By the way the server right now is in Canada.
    On release there will be also an EU server.

  • @spoletta Damn you can't say that i can proove you that you experienced hard desynch in PVP (example of a range kitting a melee, the melee player is in front of you but range see the melee 20 meters away).

  • thanks for your reply. I would also like to receive an official answer from the community manager.

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    Yes, server location has something to do with ping, as does your own internet.

    Yes, different servers would give different ping options, however, during Alpha/Beta, it makes no sense to shell out the extra expense for additional servers, especially when testing populations tend to be so much lower.

    The game does fully intend to have an EU server on launch. They have said the launch plan was for 1 NA server and 1 EU server, and then other servers may be added as population demands dictate. That is normal for a game.

    Many people play this game with over 200 ping and still manage to excel at PvP. The overall game latency is not actually that bad, the biggest problem is trying to do things like dual client on the same system, and eventual stuttering after being online for awhile.

    Luckily, the dedicated PvP world isn't even implemented yet, and that's where the hardcore PvP types will probably focus their attention.

    As for a CM responding, Arcahem is the only CM, and he might respond, but this has been answered several times in the forums, so I can tell you right now, they already said NA and EU server upon launch, but probably not before.

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