Book of Knowledge suggestions

  • Please consider these improvements for the book of knowledge / knowledge management system:

    1. Consider rewarding advanced crafting with a small bit of KP!
    2. In the Book of Knowledge Armor and Weapons pages, a legend would be most appreciated for colors/highlights.
    3. A quick glance page or one on the current pages that clearly shows us what is TRAINED would be helpful, in particular when I have for example, learned Fire Staff and have made any yet, the % complete is at 0. Of course I could make a note that I've learned it, and for long term play, managing this from player to player grows into a chore; the data is in this screen, consider making it clear (and make a legend...) with a visual please.
    4. In the past I've seen gray scaled items in the armor page in particular, if I clicked Hunter, I could see that the recipes were grayed out on the left; as I've learned them, the icon switched to a more vibrant one. But now when I look at those pages, plate armor is using a vibrant icon. I know I've not trained it. There are two square outlines around the individual items, perhaps a gray, green, blue, purple or orange box there could also be used to fill me in on what quality I would make in the current space/place/town I am in as a nice item to have. (e.g. indicate trained with a clearly visible box. Consider coloring that box to match my skill level as a bonus.

    And do pay attention to red-green and other colorblind choices in the designs of these screens. Some indicated other than color is best to assist the visually impaired!

    In the LOST TALES page, please consider:

    1. once we have read an item, please tell us the commonality of the book once it has been read. Now that we have a goal to focus on KP, allowing us some traceability to KP values for books would be a nice feature top have in game.
    2. A "total number of books read or unread" would be a good statistic to reflect in game, perhaps in the Lost tales summary panel.

    Under RESOURCES in the Book of Knowledge, any chance we can get an annotation feature, 140 chars or less! would allow us to make notes, - nice to see that items ahve been laerned. Allow me a way to note WHERE I found the item please! Ditto for the Bestiary / annotations nice to have beside each item. limit text to a subset of the localized character set, having a set of chars allowed/not allowed will lower effects of entering in bad data, SQL and cross site attacks.

    Thanks for the good game, keep up the good work!

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    As I said in my post, I wholeheartedly agree with these suggestions, and this is better detailed.

    The only thing this is missing is adding the Poison and Acid Staves to the Weapon Page.

  • Shields and Hammers are also missing, you can level them but do not see the progression anywhere.

    I would also like a list of the hot spots with name, it make it easier to see you have missed some that are hidden under legend/summoning icons, and also let you see there are more hot spots on planets / continent not visited.

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    Trouble with PoIs names being in the Book of Knowledge is that they don't have unique names. Many are reused. An example is The Fire Elemental Prisons


    It would be cool if your book page showed the quality of the item you will be making, like this:
    The same as how the item looks.
    The current halo system is unique and separate, which is just confusing and not as informative.

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