How attributes work!

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    Nice video. Very clear explanation, especially the part about weapons.

  • @spoletta thank you

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    If I may suggest though, more than having the next video on the races, which are still up in the air and very prone to changes, it would probably be more useful to make videos like this one on many of the mechanics which new players find obscure, for example:

    • The role of accuracy/evasion/willpower/fortitude
    • How the elemental stacks work
    • How Luck works
    • How armor and resistances work

    And so on.
    If you need any info for your videos ask me without issues, I can provide very in depth knowledge about game mechanics.

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    You might consider expanding this video to include the calculations involving the attributes. Put that part as the 2nd half, so if people aren't interested in that, they can stop watching, but for those who do like the math behind it, and how the calculated scores are figured, it would make the video that much more valuable.

    I do love how you put the video together, however. Very clear and articulate, and it is easy for both new and veteran viewers to understand. Being a native English speaker, I cannot be sure, but it also seems to me that you keep the language simple enough that those using English as a 2nd or 3rd language would also have no real trouble grasping your points, well done!

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