aerchen citys fireplace cooking doesnt work

  • i travel from myr to aerhen with empty bags to farm points and suprisely cooking doesnt work in any of the two cities, i spend 10 minutes to make a camp so i can cook something not to die. i also rellog but same thing


    sorry you seem to have that problem.
    In Zenith I am not able to re-produce it.
    However it may be a permission thing... and some towns may not be allowing visitors to use crafting facilities and the fireplace counts???
    Try using the fireplace at zenith for comparison.

  • First time I ever tried in Aerhen. I have no issues in Myr of course. I even tired using the fire place at other homes with prot from cold running to remove the cold stacks.
    Nothing just will not allow me to cook stuff at the fire.
    I will have to try a camp fire next and see if I get the same results.

    Ok tested and it works. I can cook the meats at a camp fire.

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    Which city were you in on Aehren? and which building's fire?

    Cities can set permissions and then you can only rest at fires except the Tavern. You may have just been in a 'closed' city where all the stuff is set to Citizens/Residents only


    I think we need a "Lets talk about Aehern" thread...

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