Combat overall must be improved, clunky, sounds, animations, feeling, inmersion.... is pretty pretty meh


    Well i didnt read about they are working on combat but i test game since alpha 2 and didnt notice change at all. At start of alpha 2 i think that combat was only a placeholder , but the truth is that didnt change so much at all. It start to seem legends of aria where in alpha game was same combat rought and clunky as in release. Pls work hard on combat... the rest of features will be a waste of time if combat is not the best u can do.

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    @Eigus Sounds and Animation are being worked on...but aren't high priority over actual mechanics.

    As to the actual method of combat itself, this is working as they have said they wanted it to work. I don't anticipate much mechanical change in this. They want it to be click intensive, no autotargeting or autoattacking, manual aiming type combat without the option for keyboard or joystick/gamepad least that's what's been said.

    Of course, I'm just a tester like you, but I've been testing since testing began, and that's the impression I've gotten.

    The actual mechanics of combat I find quite immersive and helps set the game apart from other games...but then, everyone's opinion is different.


    The problem is that lot of people on internet, reddit, youtube and my own leanguage (spanish) forums ,videos etc talk about how clunky and no inmersive combat feels. Lot of times devs try to complete the roadmap to make a release totally forgoten the most important feature , the combat... my self will not play if combat is not enjoyable. And belive me features of fractured are the features i search in a MMO. I played ultima online since it start, and returned so many times included now a days, But in 2022 combat must look and feel amazing , fast, responsive and funny

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    @Eigus Yes, there are people who feel the combat is clunky and non-immersive, but there are also a lot of us who enjoy it immensely.

    Things like sound and animation fixes aren't things that are going to be high-end priorities during testing, they just need to be smoothed out by launch, but understood that everything else in the game comes first.

    Every group is different, and your never going to please everyone, and that's fine, that's how the world works.

    This game is going for a very specific asthetic in gameplay, with mouseclicking and no autoattacking being a standard. Keyboarding the hotbar and no gamepad support are conscious decisions by the devs in order to get the asthetic they want.

    Things like skill activation timing are still being worked on, of course, but that has changed throughout testing. We now, for instance, have skills that can be activated a few times before cooldown kicks in, not a one and done the Arcanist basic healing skill. They have also said that eventually, it will be a conscious choice what you put into your hotbar, because you won't be able to activate things like remedies and bandages from inventory, thus cleaning up combat even further. Either you hotbar it, or activate it out of combat situations anyway...(not sure what the final idea with be...they may even add another hotbar slot or two, or even add a 'belt' or other piece of equipment that grants a dedicated slot or two for such things)

    The gist of it is, they need to get the skills and weapons and enchants and talents all balanced and then once that happens, they will be able to fine-tune the combat to exactly what they want, but whether or not that will meet with your expectations is hard to say. There will still be those of us out there who really enjoy it so far the way it is, afterall.

  • The most noticeable thing that needs to be fixed is the fact that skills dont always activate when you want them to. It's always random when it happens but it can be infuriating in a situation where you need your skills to activate. Either a dash, or a skill that blocks a certain attack. These can't be used effectively if they dont activate when you need them to. It happens when melee skills, ranged skills, hell...even heals have had ticks where they dont do anything.

    And no this isn't the case of being "confused" or a status effect that causes your skills to not activate. Its just a random thing, and moving your character anywhere can fix it...but in the middle of combat, the last thing you want to find out is AFTER you needed to use the skill. So, combat wise...this is a fix that needs to be figured out and fixed if they want to say their combat has been smoothed out.

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